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Amber Rodgers' Biography

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As a kid, I was obsessed with reading. There was not a time outside of school when I did not have a book in my hands. R.L. Stein, Nancy Drew, Stephen King, and Francine Pascal were my reading companions. Today I love to read all genres of books, however, my go-to genres are mysteries and suspense. I enjoy Karen Rose, Laura Griffin, Kendra Elliot, and Karen Harper. But I also love to lose myself in a great romantic suspense book, especially by Meredith Wild.


In third grade, we were asked to write a short three-page story which would be passed around to groups in class to help us learn about punctuation and capitalization. That is when I knew that storytelling was something I would be great at. I turned in a thirteen-page pager, rather than three. The teacher we had, Mrs. Wong, was amazed at the detail in the paper and told me that this was something she was going to keep with her because she thought one day, she would see my stories in the world. As a third grader, you never look in advance, and I really didn’t write much, but in 2013 when my children were older, I picked back up the pen and paper and stories flowed out of me. I was unsure if I could provide the same material that drew my third-grade teacher in, but here I am today with many stories out there, with even more to share in the future. My goal was to see if I could draw in a reader with the suspenseful stories that I had put on paper and one day, maybe, just maybe see my work on the big screen.


The House on Highland Court was the third story I finished and published as an independent author. It came out in the fall of 2020, and the overwhelming number of copies sold has sure touched my heart. The House on Highland Court and the second book in the series, Missing at Midnight, is in the works of having a short film completed, and I look forward to sharing and bringing this series to life for my readers. This career is rewarding, and I wouldn’t trade it for anything. I look around and thank my lucky stars each and every day that after all those years finally picked up the pen and paper and did the thing I love the most. My readers and supporters have helped and encouraged me to pursue my writing career and keep pushing forward.  I am currently working on a series that I think you all will love; Detective Kimberly Ball Series.


I live in a very small Northern Iowa town, where everyone knows everyone. My husband, who is my high school sweetheart, and I raised our four amazing children in the same town we live in. Saddened, none of our children are still around the area, as they have ventured off to find their purpose in life. My husband and I love the small-town feel, so we have chosen to stay put for the time being. Who knows, maybe eventually we will find a state to move to where it doesn’t reach negative fifty degrees in the winter and over a hundred in the summer.

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